The Difference We’re Making

I received this message recently from one of our ACLU partners in Washington, D.C.

Guys, I just wanted to let you know that in my lobby tour of the hill over the last two weeks, I am hearing from both D and R offices that they are really hearing from their constituents and feeling the pressure back home.  Kudos to all of our organizers who are doing such a great job.

She’s talking about you guys. You’re the ones making this happen.

News reports confirm the story that opinions in Congress are changing:

“Congressman Amash [who opposes NSA surveillance] has had personal conversations with a number of members since the vote on the Amash amendment last month,” spokesman Will Adams told U.S. News. “A number of them, particularly since going back home for the August recess, have a new perspective on the issue.”

Adams declined to identify the members, but said some were wooed by “a combination of listening to constituents at town halls and the continued leaks of information that undermines the argument that Congress has effective oversight.”

Those constituents are you guys. We’re making our voices heard.

Let’s make them heard again at the rally tomorrow.

See you there!

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